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Gartner ThinkCast

Jul 9, 2019

Only you can set limits on your career. Pioneering U.S. Air Force Col. Nicole Malachowski (1:38), the first woman pilot in the elite Thunderbirds unit, shares her insights on flying through your career and life headwinds. Plus, Mike Griswold (42:59) tells us what separates the leaders in the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25.


Webinar: Panel Discussion: Lead and Enable Digital Transformation

Webinar: Five Best Practices of High-Performing Teams

Webinar: How CIOs Lead CX Innovation for Midsize Enterprises

Gartner Catalyst Conference, August 12-15, San Diego

Gartner IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor and Asset Management Summit, September 4-6, Dallas

Gartner CSO and Sales Leader Conference, September 17-19, Las Vegas


  • 00:00 – Opening Thoughts
  • 01:38 – Your New Career Flight Plan (Col. Nicole Malachowski)
  • 19:44 – Upcoming Gartner Webinars
  • 21:03 – Col. Nicole Malachowski, continued
  • 41:38 – Gartner Conferences Calendar
  • 42:59 – Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 (Mike Griswold)
  • 1:05:59 – Ahead on Gartner ThinkCast
  • 01:06:51 – Closing Thoughts