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Gartner ThinkCast

Mar 13, 2020

A quick programming note to all of our listeners. This podcast was recorded on February 3rd 2020, long before the Covid 19 coronavirus became a pandemic. On behalf of the Continuous Foresight team and Gartner, we remain confident in the ability of our clients to continue to lead and create a better future for all of us - even when working through times of unprecedented disruption. 

Do you wonder what’s next after digital transformation? Frank Buytendijk, distinguished VP analyst, Gartner, joins Continuous Foresight hosts Marty Resnick, Kevin Gabbard and Steve Shapiro to talk about his research on the future and a post-transformation digital society.

Gartner is an impartial, independent analyst of business and technology. This content should not be construed as a Gartner endorsement of any enterprise’s products or services. All content provided by other speakers is expressly the views of those speakers and their organizations.