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Gartner ThinkCast

Mar 5, 2019

Take it from a combat pilot … battlefield lessons also apply to your workplace.

 “We knew that we would absolutely be there, period, because lives were on the line. And I believe that if we execute it that way in business, our relationship with our teams, our leadership, our timelines, our processes, our digital transformation would look quite different.” (Vernice “FlyGirl Armour, Combat Pioneer)

We’ve enlisted groundbreaking U.S. Marine Corps pilot Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour on a mission to empower you, your team and your company to be stronger and more effective. We also follow your money down potentially dangerous wrong paths.


Dennis Gannon: Build Business-Finance Partnerships

01:52 – Financial pain points

03:50 – The staggering costs of poor decisions

05:34 – Flaws in the Business-Finance partnership model

08:24 – Hamstrung by the model

11:18 – Top changes to make

14:36 – Must-see Gartner Webinars

Dennis Gannon: Build Business-Finance Partnerships (continued)

15:48 – What Finance decision-makers must do

19:42 – Educating the Business

25:03 – Upcoming Gartner Conferences

Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour: Who Needs a Runway?

26:15 – What keeps us from taking off?

29:20 – Make a commitment to the commitment

31:21 – Helping yourself take off

35:51 – The need for urgency

38:11 – Be an Ambassador of Diversity

40:31 – How to manage diversity

42:30 – Building a diverse culture

44:22 – What can each of us do now?

47:00 – Ahead on Gartner ThinkCast

Bruce Robertson/Graham Waller: Hacking Your Culture

48:01 – What’s a culture hack?

51:18 – Make it personal

53:19 – If you have a minute …

55:18 – Try Carpool Karaoke

00:57:39 – Closing Thoughts

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