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Gartner ThinkCast

Nov 15, 2019

David Houle warns to fasten your seatbelts, that the 2020s will be the most transformative, disruptive decade in human history. As a futurist, David’s job is to anticipate trends great and small. That same approach can transform your organization, giving you a competitive edge in strategy and change. But can just anyone be a futurist? Join the Continuous Foresight discussion as David Houle, futurist and author of the new book, “Moving to a Finite Earth Economy – Crew Manual,” helps you determine what’s right for your and your organization’s future.

David Houle

FUTURIST. THINKER. SPEAKER. David Houle is the author of the book Moving to a Finite Earth Economy – Crew Manual. To learn more about David Houle, visit