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Gartner ThinkCast

Oct 31, 2023

As customer expectations and business models evolve alongside AI, the 2024 Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends will help you cut through the noise and focus on what can meaningfully impact your business over the next few years.


Each trend relates to one or more key themes for business: protecting and preserving...

Oct 17, 2023

In a recent Gartner survey, 64% of CEOs said they view environmental sustainability as a growth opportunity. Coupled with the inclusion of sustainable technology on Gartner’s list of Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2024, it’s clear executives are ready to embrace sustainability throughout the organization.



Oct 3, 2023

Each year, Gartner surveys CEOs, CFOs and other members of the C-suite on their most pressing priorities. We ask, what is causing short-term reactivity? Where is there alignment or disagreement? What trends will drive business for the remainder of this decade?


In this episode, Marko Horvat, Vice President of Research...