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Gartner ThinkCast

Nov 15, 2022

Enterprise technology purchasing has changed and continues to evolve, but whether that evolution occurs rapidly enough to meet the demands of digital transformation remains to be seen.

A 2022 Gartner survey revealed that 62 percent of recent technology purchases failed to meet respondents’ expectations; only 13 percent said that their purchase both met their expectations and that they did not settle when it came to making their final technology selection to purchase. Still, 85 percent of respondents said they received value from their purchase. What’s behind this disconnect between satisfaction and perceived value? Most often, the answer can be found in the technology purchase process.


In this episode, Hank Barnes, Chief of Research on the Gartner Tech & Service Provider team, who focuses on enterprise technology buying behavior, speaks with ThinkCast’s host Karen Stokes Lockhart, Expert Partner, about the challenges tech purchase teams face, how to navigate increasingly complex purchase processes and when to ask for help. 


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