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Gartner ThinkCast

Aug 23, 2022

Since 2020, the pandemic, social justice movements and other significant global events have hastened the evolution of consumer or audience expectations — and criticisms — of social media. Consumers no longer scroll passively through channel feeds, and brands can no longer consider social solely a distribution channel for content. 


Businesses and organizations that engage in social media without an up-to-date audience- or community-specific strategy risk diminishing channel impact and ROI, and losing customers. In this episode, originally broadcast on #Hashtags: The Gartner Marketing & Communications Podcast, Dorian Cundick, a vice president with the Gartner for Marketers Advisory Team, and Amber Gallihar Boyes, a director analyst who works with CMOs and heads of communication, discuss the unique expectations for distinct social channels, why and how audience expectations tend to shift, and the organizations that achieved successful engagement, thanks to highly intentional approaches to community building and audience activation. 

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